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We’re in the money… we’re in the money…

It seems as if the USA have only one option to evade the debt crisis. Allow
more debts. The republicans have proposed, that the debt border line shall
be expanded with no limit until May, 18th to buy more time to find a way out
of the debt crisis. Is this the right way? Interesting is another passus.

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January 22, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Groupon and balance problems!

It seems as if the famous portal that has gone stock, seems to have to deal
with problems concerning their balance figures. So it’s only logical that
Groupon now employs a professional finance&economy management team
to get things straight. Possibly to fend off any stock-related issues!

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Facebook vs. Yahoo – Part 2

As if Yahoo doesn’t have enough trouble and problems right now, it seems
as if facebook is now “repaying” Yahoo for their attempt to sue facebook for
violating 10 patents, Yahoo clamis rights for (read here). Has Yahoo filed
lawsuit against facebook, so is facebook now filing a lawsuit against Yahoo.

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