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Nokia wins patent fight over HTC

It seems as if HTC didn’t have much luck against Nokia. Nokia seems to have
located a special microphone design in HTC’s new phone “One” which has
been exclusively designed for Nokia and has also been patented by Nokia.
A court in the Netherlands there fore have issued an injuction against HTC.

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Diablo III: When the desert calls…

So there we are: Act II – Into the desert. Gosh, how I remember my ways
from Lut Gholein back and forth. Memories… ;) – The Skeleton King was not as
difficult as the Butcher who slained a good friend of mine and me… several
times. Can be annoying especially when you take the boss down to 10% of life.

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Facebook vs. Yahoo – Part 2

As if Yahoo doesn’t have enough trouble and problems right now, it seems
as if facebook is now “repaying” Yahoo for their attempt to sue facebook for
violating 10 patents, Yahoo clamis rights for (read here). Has Yahoo filed
lawsuit against facebook, so is facebook now filing a lawsuit against Yahoo.

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Amazing nature: Bees vs Hornets

I really like nature videos. One fact is that it’s amazing how nature itself is
dealing with unexprected changes and the other is how tiny little critters
are fightimg a bigh behemoth. In this video you’ll see how japanese bees
are finishing off a big hornet. 30 Hornets can kill 30’000 bees in 3 hours!

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Samsung vs. Apple…

Samsung and Apple have reached a new agreement level. So Apple may sell
the iPhone 4S again in France while Samsung may sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in
Australia. It seems as if a long-lasting fight finally reaches an end. However
There are still some lawsuits pending… it stays interesting so far!

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December 9, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Samsung vs. Apple – second serving

POW! Samsung has given second serving to Apple. It seems as if Samsung also
plans to prohibit the sale of the upcoming iPhone 5 in Europe also. Basis of the
sale prohibition is still the violation of wireless technologypatents Samsung is
holding. If a sale prohibition would actually come true, iPhone 5 may delay!

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September 21, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Samsung vs. Apple – Next chapter!

The Fight, Apple vs. Samsung (or vice versa) is going into the next round.
As Samsung has officially stated that they plan to force a sales-ban in
South Korea, the chances are good for a bloody fight. It seems, that
revenge is a nice tool for Samsung as Apple has recently done likewise!

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Apple vs. Samsung – Next fight!

Let’s look back: What happened? Apple has sued Samsung for violating design patents
So Apple won the fight and the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now prohibited until further
notice. Today, it seems as if Samsung vows revenge for this and started suing Apple in
France – also for violating patents in the cell phone transmission sector.

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Gasoline Sales promoted?

Today I was shocked to see that gas station keepers may receive bonuses by selling
gasoline at the highest possible prices possible. With this, automobilists might run
into a more and more competition-driven price for gasoline as gasoline station keepers
may chage the prices theirselves. The higher, the more bonuses they receive

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