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The cleverer give in – Epic Basketball Fail

oscar-icon-64This is indeed a spectacular fail during a sports event. A basketball player
celebrates his slam dunk in a rather unusual way and wanted to impress
the spectators. The basketball hoop however thought itself: “I must teach
this guy a lesson on how not to treat me!” – The result: Pain and damage!

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When a robber meets a bully shop owner…

oscar-icon-64If the numbers wouldn’t tell that it is a real surveillance video, one could
think of a Bud Spencer movie. A robber and his friend are stopping outside
a little convenience store in Brasil to rob it. But the robber didn’t seem
to be very successful at the end. The video is really self-explaining.

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Hot servers – Hotmail&Co. offline!

Well… nowadays, servers don’t produce as much heat as their older
pendants which had to be cooled using water. Yet the Microsoft data
center in Ireland hat to stutter when the air flow has shut down for an
unknown reason with a firware update recently successful applied.

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A BDay gone wrong…

Well… this BDay has not been of the ones, Justin Bieber wanted to celebrate.
Being in London, he forked out £10.000 for a glamourous party at the
prestige club “Cirque Du Soir”. But when the party was about to start, there
was the first touchdown. Some of his younger friends did not get in.

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Mr. Cool got cooled down…

Water can be extremely rough when you’re on it with something fast. Even the
tiniest waves can shake you around like hell. So when you’re on a fast-paced
nutshell you’d better do what? Correct: Either slow down the nutshell even if
it’s uncool or use smaller turns (if possible). Wrong: driving like this guy.

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Some drivers never learn…

Driving sometimes can suck if you’re in a traffic jam for example.
There are several drivers developing some sort of odd workarounds to
evade the traffic jam. Many are successful but some end in epic fail!
This driver has chosen the second option. Overtaking and monorailing!

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Keyboard change day at work…

Today I thought, I’d clean up my keyboard as there was dust under almost all
of my keys. I hate dirty keyboards, you know. While haggling out the space
key to open a large gap to fork out the dust, I noticed, that the “leading track”
for the metal bracer broke on the right. Typing a lumpy space key is no fun!

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Groupon again with big loss in 2011

As I have already reported about Groupon (a rebate-based shopping site) to go Wall Street,
and stated that Groupon might become one of the bubbles of the internet business, my fears
have partly been confirmed. Groupon has made a total loss of 351 million $. The owner of
Groupon blames international expansion investions for the high operational loss.

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Microsoft’s TellMe vs. Apple’s Siri

Seems, Microsoft is trying to bring out a similar feature, called TellMe, as Apple
has with Siri. However the successful recognition rate is far behind Apple’s Siri.
Now you could impute pro-Apple advertisement to me but I don’t need to do
any way of commercial advertisement for apple or the like. A video shows, why!

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Houston… we’ve got a drunk

Usually concerts are something great one would be looking forward to go on.
Good music an adored singer cool light show good sound…
However it depends on whose concert you are.

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