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Swiss SNB cancels EUR floor – Euro drops!

Euro_crackingIt was a hefty reaction today at the stock echanges worldwide and
even currency exchange markets had a big shock when the Swiss
National Bank declared to drop the Euro floor. From the magic
1.20 CHF line, the Euro noted at lowermost 0.82 CHF.

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January 15, 2015Netspark No Comments »
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What the €-Prompt…

When I stated 3 days ago that things would look grim but yet okay,I was wrong.
Today the stock markets have lost another 4 to 7% of their value. The market is
really upset and no one can deny it. Even the currencies have gone crazy as
hell. Was the Euro at 1.09 this morning, it lost until 1.05 at the current time.

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An epic novel: Finance Crisis 2011

Not that I am very pessimistic but on Tuesday the economic situation was already
pretty grim. But with the start into the weekend, things look worse as expected.
The Swiss Federal Bank’s intervention did not do much to weaken the Swiss franc
and other currencies seem to suffer from strange hickups, too…

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The currencies… again! But with changes

The last days have been very busy and the world economy is still bouncy.
The Euro, USD, GBP and JPY are probing new depths which worries the swiss finance
market much more. The Euro was about to hit the 1.08 line then instantly
(within 5 minutes) rose near 1.10 again…

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