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Microsoft sued for 561 million euros

This ain’t good news for Microsoft. Brussels has sued Microsoft for violating
the Browser choice agreement. The main argument was that Mcrosoft has
not shown the Browser Choice windows to all users (which users they are,
is till unknown)! Although I am not a Microsoft Fanboy, this is ridiculous!

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Early April’s Fool?

When thinking about GPU, one has only one thing in mind. When does the
next generation GPU come out and how will it outwit it’s predecessors?
According to some ideas of the EU, GPU classes determine how much power
they’re allowed to consume. There are seven classes of GPUs.

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Greece, Eurpean Union and the Euro

What to say, the European Union and the Euro have an immense crisis for quite a long
time now. Fights here, financial cuts there, failing agreements there, all in all no unity
at all. Greece, actually the biggest debitor in the European Union seems not to agree to
the planned big payment cuts that Greece should do in order to “survive”.

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