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Nokia about to release Windows 8 Tab?

Seems as if Nokia has great plans: As Windows Mobile 8 becomes a success
more and more on the new Lumia series, Nokia seems to have decided to
bring out a tablet with Windows 8 . However it’ll be hard competing against
Samsung and Apple who control 80% of the tablet market these days.

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Samsung to shoot out the Galaxy Tab 2?

Samsung is about to release another Galaxy Tab. Rumors exist that the new tablet will have
a 7″ display and a not specified Dualcore ARM processor. The specs are almost the same as
of the current Galaxy Tab. So I don’t see the additional value aghainst the current models
except that Samsung is probably trying to avoid Apple’s sale prohibition.

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Samsung Galxy S3, iPhone 5?

The rumors start cooking again. Samsung is said to be shoing the new Galaxy S3 on the
Mobile World Congress in Spring 2012 and Apple seems to be finally working on the
iPhone 5. So what’s up? The Galaxy S3 shall come with a 1.5GHz quadcore processor
while the iPhone 5 is still only a visual concept with no further details.

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To ppi or not to ppi…

Long time, the iPhone 4 has dominated the display resolution field. The
astonishing display resolution of 326 ppi in Apple’s famous Retina display
was unmatched and it kept the crown for about 15 months. Today HTC has
announced the HTC Vigor. It’s 4.3 inch display seems to put one on top!

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