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Munich, here I am! Again!

Time to spend a weekend in Munich again, with my friends. So it’s again the
good ol’ train that will rock me there in 6 hours. Hopefully! But my fears
were without a reason. The travel worked fine. Going from Bern to Basel
Departing in time from there… had a 6 minutes Delay in Freiburg…

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November 24, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Back to Bern, back to work…

So that’s it! Time to take the train back to Bern, time to get back to work and time
to wait another 365 days to celebrate with Pianoman. Now it’s time to face the
“enemy”, called Deutsche Bahn, again and hopefully coming home in time. But I
am confident that everything will go well as this train is operated by the SBB…

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May 6, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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A day with Deutsche Bahn…

…or: An instruction how to learn to hate the service of Deutsche Bahn. It all
began with a planned trip to Munich from Bern. No problem. Just take the
14:02 train from Bern to Zurich HB and then switch trains to Munich Central
station. 5h42m travel time and less hassle with train switching… WRONG!

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May 4, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Google and Munich S-Bahn…

…how do they relate?
You may say: One can spot Munich from atop via Google Maps and try to find all S-Bahn
trainstations… True but as of today, another service from Deutsche Bahn has reached
internet era. Ever imagined to see where your suburb-train is currently and if it is delayed?

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July 27, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Happy 30th, fella!

Today a good friend of mine celebrates his 30th birthday and I am also invited.
Better start to get my luggage packed and prepare to get to Munich asap!
Stay tuned when I update this entry about how the party was!
*** Update on June, 8th, 2011 ***

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May 5, 2011Netspark 1 Comment »
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