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When 30US$ meat cost you 50 years jail…

Some people tend to collide with the U.S. government
in a harsh way. This guy for instance got a real hard penalty
as he has stolen prime ribs valued for 30 (thirty!) US$. Now
you may ask what lets the U.S. government judge so hard
for meat at this compared low value…

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May 31, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Gray weather, boring! – Where’s spring?!

You know, I was complaining about winter in the past. The temperature
has already risen over zero although 3 degrees Celsius aren’t that warm
either. But what bothers me most is the everyday-gray that is dominating
the whole weeks for the last three months. Where’s spring and the sun?!

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April 3, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Gadhafi not found due to secret car?

It sounds like a sci-fi novel. A modified 4×4 car, high-tech radio frequency jamming
technology, stealth-ability, highly-armored – a real moving fortress!
They say that the car itself is jamming any kind of electric device within 100 metres
(approx. 300 feet) using microwave and radio frequency at high power rate.

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September 20, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Dangerous, yet beauty Volcanoes…

Volcanoes are somewhat strange world occurencies. They tend to be calm or being
some very active beasts that can devastate entire isles. Those that are not calm but
also not too ferocius seem to be very impresive nature spectacles.
While browsing, I stumbled over an imressive video that shows a recently

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June 7, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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