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Never do a Hit’n’Run in Brasil

videoOtherwise you might find yourself also confronted with a gun. This hap-
pened in Brasil where a younster with a (fake?) gun forced a biker to
dismount his vehicle. The driver’s helmet camera took the whole thing.
Some racing, the hit’n’Run and the car driver who “helped” the driver.

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Predpol, Precrime, MINORITY REPORT?!

Many of you have probably seen Minority Report, an interesting Sci-Fi
movie about police units using future-telling individuals to predict crime
before it happens. What is base for a good Sci-Fi movie in 2006 seems to
become real in Seattle, WA. Predpol, that’s the name of the software used.

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Samsung got spied out on OLED

As it got official, Samsung Display Corp. was victim of industry leakage.
A worker from an competitor has sent out information about the OLED
Production process at Samsung. For 170.000 dollars the spy has given
valuable information about OLED production to the rival company.

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Something on TV that’s worth being watched

I finally found something on TV that’s worthwile watching. Despite the fact that
most of all tv series on TV are crap and that they often garnish these with two
to three blocks of commercial ads. Alone this fact, that on 45 minutes of a TV
series is expanded to 60 minutes because of ads, keep my TV mostly off!

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