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Downed railway gates have a reason!

videoSome people think, a railway gate that is down, still invites for trespassing.
Tough luck when the nearing train is so near that you get hit by it. But the
real tough luck is, when a second train is arriving. In this hit’n’run, a
woman tried to outrun the police for unknown reason.

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When trends go wrong: Harlem Shake

Of course new styles tend to be imitated in no time. But when ridiculousness and
bad accident happen together, the laugh is always on the loser! And besides this,
the principal of that school wouldn’t have looked happy either when seeing one
of the showcases’ glass doors broken. If the principal has seen this video also?

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Biggest lucky busdriver ever!

CCTV often captures strange  moments in everyday life. This video has
captured a near-death accident not caused by the busdriver but by other
drivers. The scenes you see show how lucky the busdriver was. Thanks to
his quick reaction, he was able to hop off devil’s shovel!

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Don’t mess with this bus driver!

Being cut in line on the road is a big annoyance, especially when you drive
a bigger vehicle that isn’t capable of breaking instantly. A bus driver from
Zelenograd decides for his passengers and simply crashes into cars cutting
his line. Some videos show that he’s the “Teacher of teachers”.

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WHOA! Close call – stairway to heaven!

It seems as there are still some truck drivers underestimating their rig’s
abilities. In this movie, the driver seems to have taken the curve with too
much speed resulting in his cargo containment to drop off the trailer and
slide over the intersection towards to wating cars and a motorcyclist.

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Train hijacked in Sweden: The results

Interesting to read these kinds of News as they’re very uncommon. A young
woman in sweden hijacked a public transportation vehicle and drove it off
the tracks leaving a big demolition behind. While the track was secured with
a bumper, the train was so fast that it crashed into a house 25 metres behind.

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Things, a motorcyclist fears much!

Bking is cool and also relieves from the common stress. However all the stress
can come up again, when you’re in danger. This otorcyclist barely was missed
by a misled car driver who happened to drive on the wrong side of the road.
Barely missing the motorcyclist the driver did not seem to worry about it!

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It’s raining trains…

It seems as if things could not get worse when it comes to lifting heavy
machinery. But when you see this video, then you’ll reconsider your
thoughts: In this case, a giant locomotive has been lifted from a cargo
ship in order to be placed on the pier. But in midst of the lifting it happened.

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Spectacular Truck tipping

You can’t tell for sure what this truck driver has thought. But maybe he
thought, he was playing “Need for Speed – Most Wanted” or GTA… But
speeding with such high velocity into such a harsh turn is for sure not a
good idea, especially when your vehicle is a truck and not a Laborghini.

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Don’t tease the Trucker!

The roads in Russia are dangerous. Already prooved many times. In this
case it ain’t otherwise. The driver of this car thinks, the trucker seems to
be an idiot as the trucker is closing up to just a few centimetres to the car.
Well… or is the car braking on purpose? You can’t tell for sure.

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Uhhhh…. that’s gonna cost ‘ya!

Definitely a bad idea to drive a bulldozer while having too much alcohol.
This bulldozer driver had one, two, too many drinks and still decided to
mount his vehicle and start driving. I am not sure whether he tried to
evade the car that’s heading towards him or if he wanted revenge.

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Driving in Russia – Lucky dude!

Again on the Road in Russia. This time, a rig driver thought, he’d change
driving direction on the go and makes an U-Turn at the most unfitting
position/situation. Not looking what the counter traffic does, can be very
dangerous. This video shows, what happens when two rigs collide.

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Biking in Bristol is dangerous!

You may wonder why I say this but on my favourite newsportal I found a really
shocking video that shows, how rude a busdriver can be. So better think twice
if you stall a buss behind you. You might end up like the guy in the video shown.
The bus chauffeur of course lost his job when his boss saw the video.

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What an idiot…

Driving can be difficult and yes, policemen can be annoying too if they pick you out for
no obvious reason. But totaling your car and possibly endangering other’s lives isn’t an
option then! The driver of the car in the following video didn’t care about anything and
drove along a road and into the traffic jam without any respect and totaled his car.

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What you should avoid when drunk!

Things you shouldn’t do when you’re drunk are for example: Driving! DUI is a
crime in most countries of the earth. This Camaro driver however still chose
to drive home fully loaded. Bad luck that he too the wrong “target” to stop his
car. The hit target was nothing less than a pilice bus doing DUI checks!

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Something you don’t see often!

20 MinutenWhile reading on my favourite news portal again I found something stunning but
also funny. Radar posts. Hated by all car and motorcycle drivers as they mean
only one thing: Loss of money again. In the following image, the police of
Neuch√Ętel would probably have gaped when they analyzed the pictures shot!

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