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Apple and HTC don’t fight anymore

For once, all these hassles and fights seem to come to an end according to
the actual news that Apple and HTC have finally buried all open lawsuits.
For a duration of the upcoming ten years, both manufacturers have each
other granted a mutual licence on actual and upcoming patents.

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November 10, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Huawei to take another bitter pill

Not only Australia seems to have lost trust in Huawei (read here), now even
Germany’s universities seem to seek for other network equipment deilverers.
The actual statement from the DFN (Deutsches Forschungs-Netz) has also
mentionned security issues besides formal contract issues.

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“Why you little…” – The show must go on!

As of today, Fox has announced that the agreements with the voice-actors
finally were successfully finished and the contracts have been enhanced by
two more years. So the Simpsons will do a 24th and 25th season… probably!
I couldn’t be more happy about this!

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The Simpsons soon to be off air?

Today I read a rather shocking news about the most famous comic family.
It seems as if 20th Century Fox is about to turn off the lights in the Simpsons
home forever. Reason for this is that 20 Century Fox stated that production
costs have increased while the series is on deficit. Also the voice actors…

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