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Day 1 at the CeBIT 2013

The first day at the CeBIT was a huge success for a technician like me. All the
stuff dealing with IT and the server techiques around are an El Dorado there. I
could gather a lot of information for my job, too and it’s no surprise that I found
the companies of the software used at my employer.

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Curiosities with well-equipped PCs

New computers are often a bliss. Sometimes it can be just annoying. While
upgrading my computer, I had to install some software from scratch as
important device drivers were just broken. One of the more annoying ones
are these from VIA. Had to manually delete them later as the setup failed.

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Jack Tramiel (†83) dead

The inventor of the legendary home computers VC 20 and C64 died on
Easter sunday at the age of 83. Jack Tramiel, born in Łódź (Poland) later
moved to Monte Sereno, California (USA) and launched the Commodore
C64 Home Computer system which should be the most sold computer ever.

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Logi… WHAT?!? – Logicool?

When browsing on Wikipedia and reading an article on Palto Alto, CA, I also
stumbled over Logitech who have a headquarter in Palo Alto. So I thought,
hey, why not read about Logitech once in a while. During my reading I noticed,
that in Japan, Loitech seems to be “Logicool” and thought of a plagiarism.

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A word about computers and their OS…

Todays’ market mainly consists of three good OSses, namely Windows, MacOSX
and Linux. Probably you may wonder why I am speaking of these today and what
I have noticed during the last 20 years in which I have worked with computers so
far. My insight shall clearly state that I am not favoring only one of these!

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3D gaming – then and now!

I think most of my readers my remember the times when 3D Games became available
on PC. We all remembered the moments when our expensive 500 DM card have been
plugged into our PCs to be able to live 3D games ourselves. So how has 3D Gaming
changed within the past 15 years? these two videos should explain it well…

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Must be my lucky time…

…or how I got into a really annoying trip to munich again. Annoying because of the fact
that I had to deal with the bad reliability of the german railsystem… AGAIN!
And the other fact that I also left my cell phone in Bern made this an even more challenging
trip. How did my trip end up? Read the full story:

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April’s fool? Are we 2 months late?

Reading my favourite computer tech site today, I stumbled over a really interesting article
that made me also think about the current world situation.
As wars are currently striking on Libya, Syria and some other african countries, the
following linked article made me really thinking and also brought up some uncomfyness!

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My Toshiba Satellite 5200…

Believe it or not: Usually, Noteboos are supposed to be outlived by their data storages (HDD).
In my case the good old notebook (now 8 years old!) has outlived the second HDD!
Now installed WinXP new from scratch and typing this blog entry by now.
Sad but true that the f***ed HDD was a Samsung HDD which are usually known as being very

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