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Day 1 at the CeBIT 2013

The first day at the CeBIT was a huge success for a technician like me. All the
stuff dealing with IT and the server techiques around are an El Dorado there. I
could gather a lot of information for my job, too and it’s no surprise that I found
the companies of the software used at my employer.

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When tornado meets fire…

Nature always has spectacular moments. But when two phenomenons
meet, then it’s good when you’re equipped with a camera. In this case,
a bushfire has started in Australia and caused the air to twirl up forming
a tornado. The fire itself uses the funnel to climb up into the smoke clouds.

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Circumhorizontal arc over Zurich

A natural phenomenon like this is very rare to see. But when it happens, it
is so spectacular that one, who never has seen anything like this, is so
amazed, that interesting pictures are taken. Showing you six pictures may
give you the idea what it is. I’ll explain a little further, when this happens.

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Google and Samsung with Cloud services

And here are the next two big players offering cloud services. Google and
Samsung are about to release their services soon. Google Drive and S-Cloud
are their products and shall be the new competitors when it comes to
online storage services. Google Cloud has been announced yesterday.

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Fascinating architecture!

An architecture office in Rotterdam has released information about a new skyscraper
prtoject in Asia. The Building looks like a smaller version of the Twin Towers from
New York. The small but irritating detail (from the view of the USA) is the “platform”
that interconnects the two towers. It looks like the explosion cloud of the plane crash.

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This is why the music industry is hated!

Today, Universal has filed lawsuit against Grooveshark, a music streaming service.
Universal claims rights to about 100.000 songs that are available in Grooveshark’s
song library making the lawsuit monetary value up to 100 million US dollars. Crazy stuff!
The reason for Universal trying to sue Grooveshark can’t be followed as Grooveshark

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Dangerous, yet beauty Volcanoes…

Volcanoes are somewhat strange world occurencies. They tend to be calm or being
some very active beasts that can devastate entire isles. Those that are not calm but
also not too ferocius seem to be very impresive nature spectacles.
While browsing, I stumbled over an imressive video that shows a recently

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