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The golden October…

Yesterday I decided again to visit the Gurten, a local mountain of Bern. Very
quickly to reach thanks to the excellent public mass transit system and even
the train up to the Gurten is covered by my subscription ticket. Finally the
weather also meant well with around 20 degrees. Time to hike then!

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Possibly smallest Train?

Sure… it seems to be a classical fake but it think, it is a good one. So if you hate waiting
at a railroad crossing, then this train might be your dream. However this being a fake, in
Washington D.C. there is a study ongoing for a public mass transit system that consists of
many tiny individual capsules. Sounds interesting but won’t come true before 2025, probably!

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The sunny side of Bern

I like the moderate, yet sunny weather of Bern. Warm, yet not
grilling. I hate hot and dense weather where Temperatures are
above 32 degrees celsius and humidity above 70% like the last
week where exactly such conditions have dominated the day!

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False parking… no big deal?!

Often seen, a big annoyance for residents of a certain area and flushes big simoleans into
the city’s funds. You might think: “What’s the big deal with false parking? It brings me to
a close spot for shopping, doing my busines, etc. and if they catch me, I pay a higher
parking fee…” – Well, for some others, the parked cars seem to be a very big issue.

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A new lake discovered…

…in Zurich-Altstetten!
It appears that a rather big waterpipe has burst and spilt millins of liters of water into the
streets of Zurich. Yet impressive to look at, it also means big loss for insurance companies!

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