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WHOA! Close call – stairway to heaven!

It seems as there are still some truck drivers underestimating their rig’s
abilities. In this movie, the driver seems to have taken the curve with too
much speed resulting in his cargo containment to drop off the trailer and
slide over the intersection towards to wating cars and a motorcyclist.

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Burj Khalifa soon to be topped?

It seems as if the chinese people are planing to top Burj Khalifa which is
currently the talles building on earth with it’s 826 metres height. The
company BSB (Broad Sustainable Building) which was also involved in
building a 30 storeys tall hotel in only 15 days, plans to raise the planned…

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This is epic parking!

How close can a car being parked in parallel without touching the car in
front of and behind? How much distance in between did you have when
doing so? 1 meter, 80cm, 60cm or even closer? Well forget about these
“records”. The chinese Han Yu only needed 15cm to park his car.

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How Chinese people protect their bike!

This is amazing. While browsing youtube in my lunch break I stumbled upon
this really nice video. While here one is securing his bike with a heavy lock,
the chinese people seem to use much more “natural” ressources to protect
their transportation device. The follwoing video is self-explaining! Have fun!

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Huawei to take another bitter pill

Not only Australia seems to have lost trust in Huawei (read here), now even
Germany’s universities seem to seek for other network equipment deilverers.
The actual statement from the DFN (Deutsches Forschungs-Netz) has also
mentionned security issues besides formal contract issues.

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Huawei not welcome in Australia!

Again a setback for China’s #1 telecommunication service provider and gear
manufacturer. Australia has launched a telecom project to attach 93% of
the australian population to boradband internet via cable, staelltie and DSL.
Huawei however is not wanted as premier Julia Gillard states hacking…

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Internet censoring ongoing

Free speech in the world is the highest good we have but it seems as if some
countries don’t see it the same way. Especially countries which regime seems
to be weak against criticism seem to block lots of content and criticizing sites.
China for example sets the highest level so far and it’s firewall filters a lot!

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What an idiot…

Driving can be difficult and yes, policemen can be annoying too if they pick you out for
no obvious reason. But totaling your car and possibly endangering other’s lives isn’t an
option then! The driver of the car in the following video didn’t care about anything and
drove along a road and into the traffic jam without any respect and totaled his car.

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The next bubble will burst…

…or let’s say, 10 bitter facts, why the U.S. economy is still in big trouble. The U.S.
economy is by far more in debt as most of the people want to believe. Unemployment
is above 20% when you bring in the long-term unemployed. Myret Zaki has stated 10
facts that proove to her that the worst is yet to come.

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