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Big Brother, part 2

Just yesterday I have written about plane-based city surveillance in
Germany. The next step onwards to total surveillance of citizen is just
one step away. The project, called INDECT is just being enrolled and
already basis for wild speculations and citizen-enforced protests.

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Censornet made in the EU

Rien ne va plus! Something like this could maybe come true to the unfiltered
Internet as we know it. The EU is about to bring out a Child Protection Filter.
Its purpose: Filter out any material that’s probably unsuitable for youngsters.
But what, if the technique gets into wrong lanes and is used for censoring?

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Internet censoring ongoing

Free speech in the world is the highest good we have but it seems as if some
countries don’t see it the same way. Especially countries which regime seems
to be weak against criticism seem to block lots of content and criticizing sites.
China for example sets the highest level so far and it’s firewall filters a lot!

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PIPA now scheduled later in US Senate

After a big uproar about PIPA worldwide, the US Senate has set out the ballot for the
PIPA law that would have led the internet into more and more censoring than now.
The most actual case of protest has come from the english Wikipedia, who has blacked
out it’s site for 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday. With success ans you see now!

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So that’s censoring in Germany!

Well… As you have probably noticed, my video from the lightshow
Rendez-Vous Bundesplatz 2011 in Bern may not be available to all users. The reason:
The Music industry, that wants to have control over everything that deals with music
and motion pictures. Sure… copyrights have to be saved… but this way?

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Censorship and the Web

Todays topic deals with the censorship of the Internet. You all know, that especially
China is strictly filtering the internet for any unwanted criticism of the regime that rules
the country. China has installed the Golden Wall (a government-administered firewall)
to “protect” the chinese people from any bad influence that may come from the internet.

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