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How large ships are built (timelapse)

Ever wondered how these huge freight carriers, which have a length of more
than 1000 feet, are built and then watered? Then you should watch this 75
seconds timelapse and your question should be answered. Maersk and a
shipyard in Korea have built the largest freight carrier, recording the result.

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Ever tired of having no one at hand?

This must have been the question of this taiwanese truck driver when he
arrived at the desired spot with a tonload of bamboo sticks and no one felt
responsible to help him unload the truck. So he fund a way to unload the
stuff at the material cost of the back axis of his truck. Thanks to Physics!

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It’s raining trains…

It seems as if things could not get worse when it comes to lifting heavy
machinery. But when you see this video, then you’ll reconsider your
thoughts: In this case, a giant locomotive has been lifted from a cargo
ship in order to be placed on the pier. But in midst of the lifting it happened.

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