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Don’t do this with your dad’s car…

Cruising around in a car (especially when you got your driver’s licence…)
However there’s one little thing you should be aware of: KNOW YOUR CAR
FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! – In this case, the young driver did everything
wrong what one could do wrong and the result is predictible.

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Gray weather, boring! – Where’s spring?!

You know, I was complaining about winter in the past. The temperature
has already risen over zero although 3 degrees Celsius aren’t that warm
either. But what bothers me most is the everyday-gray that is dominating
the whole weeks for the last three months. Where’s spring and the sun?!

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Things, a motorcyclist fears much!

Bking is cool and also relieves from the common stress. However all the stress
can come up again, when you’re in danger. This otorcyclist barely was missed
by a misled car driver who happened to drive on the wrong side of the road.
Barely missing the motorcyclist the driver did not seem to worry about it!

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November 16, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Don’t tease the Trucker!

The roads in Russia are dangerous. Already prooved many times. In this
case it ain’t otherwise. The driver of this car thinks, the trucker seems to
be an idiot as the trucker is closing up to just a few centimetres to the car.
Well… or is the car braking on purpose? You can’t tell for sure.

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Powerlines can be nasty…

Especially when there was an accident where the powerline was torn down.
And if just THEN a car happens to cross that line… well… the car will THEN
learn an acrobatic act. But for me I am imressed how much power such a
powerline can have to even stop a fully-accelerated car. Watch for yourself.

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Some drivers never learn…

Driving sometimes can suck if you’re in a traffic jam for example.
There are several drivers developing some sort of odd workarounds to
evade the traffic jam. Many are successful but some end in epic fail!
This driver has chosen the second option. Overtaking and monorailing!

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September 4, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Sunday – fun day!

Car crashes are spectacular. Abd if they’re on footage material, it’s much
more spectacular. I’ve take some together for your viewing pleasure.
Some are funny, some are crazy, some are spectacular. Never thought,
that there are so many car crashes within such a small time period.

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This is epic parking!

How close can a car being parked in parallel without touching the car in
front of and behind? How much distance in between did you have when
doing so? 1 meter, 80cm, 60cm or even closer? Well forget about these
“records”. The chinese Han Yu only needed 15cm to park his car.

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What happens when money defeats brain?

This question is easily answered: You don’t know what you do and how things
turn into weapons if improperly used. In Singapore a taxi driver and a taxi
user have died in a horrible but also spectacular crash. The driver, a young
rich chinesse guy totaled his rare Ferrari 599 GT… and lost his life too!

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May 24, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Driving in Russia… – Part 2

I have already posted some videos, how dangerous driving in Russia can be.
This video is no exception and goes one step further. I guess You all know the
zipper scheme when you are on a two-lane intersection. slow down your car,
let the car next to you slip in between. But what happens if you don”t give in?

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May 9, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Why Mooses are very useful…

Mooses have been set in conjunction with track-instabile cars, like the first mercedes
A-class that couldn’t pass the Elk-test (a special road test with sharp curves). Mooses
are also put in the position of wrecking cars, especially when you collide with them.
In this case, the moose tried to test it’s Mechanic Skills –  and was successful.

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February 21, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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What an idiot…

Driving can be difficult and yes, policemen can be annoying too if they pick you out for
no obvious reason. But totaling your car and possibly endangering other’s lives isn’t an
option then! The driver of the car in the following video didn’t care about anything and
drove along a road and into the traffic jam without any respect and totaled his car.

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January 6, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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A real expensive car trashing in Japan

Yikes! When you think of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche & Co., you also think of  $$$!
And lots of them! On December 4th, 13 cars were part of an accident due to massively
speeding! Instead of driving with 80 km/h, the drivers decided to raise their speed to
estimated 150 km/h. And even the wet and slippery street did not stop them to do so!

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December 6, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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What you should avoid when drunk!

Things you shouldn’t do when you’re drunk are for example: Driving! DUI is a
crime in most countries of the earth. This Camaro driver however still chose
to drive home fully loaded. Bad luck that he too the wrong “target” to stop his
car. The hit target was nothing less than a pilice bus doing DUI checks!

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December 4, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Cool cops – Or how to stop a plane

This video spectacularly shows how to stop bad guys trying to flee the cops
using the historical movie way: Taking off with a plane while a cop car chases
them. However in this case either the pilot did not give enough power to the
engines or the cops simply had a more powerful car. The result: Cops win!

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November 3, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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How to tell a traffic warden “Shove it”!

Another video today catched my attention. Car drivers know them and they
hate them: Parking meters! Especially when they run out and just in this
moment a traffic warden happens to pass by to give you a ticket. These two
guys in Brooklyn, NY seem not very happy about the ticket. Time to act!

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