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HGST raises the storage density

HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies), which became a division of
Western Digital in March 2012, has announced that SAS-based server disks
in the 2,5″ form factor section have now a capacity of 1200 GB which equals
a doubling of space to the actual maximum capacity disks available.

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WD flattens 2.5″ HDD once again!

12.5mm, 9mm,7mm – The HDDs of the smaller form factor have been
flattened time by time. the last generation (7mm) is supposed to be
placed into Ultrabooks. These however get flatter and flatter, too, so
another shrink has to be done. WD did so and brings 5mm Hybrid-HDDs.

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SanDisk announces microSDHC U1

Once more SanDisk is about to set a milestone when it comes to memory
card technology. Today, Sandisk has announced that the first microSDHC
U1 cards for high-end mobile devices are ready to be published. At a read
speed of 90 MB/s and a write speed of approx 80MB/s they’re really fast!

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Western Digital with 7mm 2.5″ HDDs

It seems as if Western Digital wants to break antoher barrier. The new 7mm
drives come in 320GB and 500GB sizes and allow Ultrabook-Manufacturers
to offer more HDD capacity in their devices. Besides that, the drives are also
said to fit snuggly into 9mm bays. Another win for the HDD primus?

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CES: LTE, thin smartphones, Ultrabooks

The CES has opened their doors in las Vegas some days ago and interesting
items have already been shown. So has Victorinox, manufacturer of the
legendary swiss army knife, shown a prototype of a 1TB-USB-Knife.
HP shows it’s Envy 14, a 14-inch-size Ultrabook, Huawei a 6.2mm thin phone.

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