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The Apple WWDC… and what you got

So the WWDC is over, the news are spread and this is what it brought to
you. At first, we have the iPhone 5 which is, as expected, an iPhone4-
similar device slightly higher, thinner, and with a new display size.
The other devices presented: the new iPod nano and iPod touch.

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Apple, iPad mini and the (new) iPhone (5)

Today in about 7 hours, Apple will open doors to it’s Keynote event in
California, USA. The long awaited (new) iPhone (5) will be presented.
With it, also the iPad mini will celebrate its debute to fire against Kindle
and other small form factor tablet PCs. So what will the new iPhone be?

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Just an exception – or the beginning?

Can a complete city of the size of Zurich or Nuremberg get into bankruptcy?
No? Then this city in California, namely Stockton is teaches you otherwise!
Stockton is in debt with hundreds of millions of dollars. What sounds not much
is a real shock for the residents. The city is also suffering of high crime now!

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LED, Halloween and a house front…

Weirdstuff you can find on Youtube. In this case it deals with Halloween which
is a rich-celebrated holiday in the USA. Were standard jackolanterns the his-
torical lighting methods for housefronts and far from spectacular, so has LED
become an interesting place there now. The video says more then 1000 words!

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