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When a house moves…

As you may have noticed already, I am also blogging about great technical
achievements. The one I am posting about right now is one of such. In this
case an old building at Zurich main station has to be moved by 60 metres to
make room for more tracks to the main station. This timelapse shows the…

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Japan’s tallest building open for public

Tokio now has the second biggest tower in the world! The Sky Tree which
opened its Gates to the public has a total height of 634 metres. However the
observation decks aren’t the highest yet. At 300 and 400m the Sky Tree has
its observation decks. The Toronto CN Tower has them at 357 and 447m!

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The new skyline of New York

The new skyline of new york is raising up. But so do the costs of the project.
Originally, the costs have been estimated to a total cost of $11 billion dollars.
While One WTC is growing and finishing it’s raw buildup in mid 2012, the other
towers lack of being rented. So is Two WTC only rented on seven floors!

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