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UK and their phobia against privacy

WhatsApp SpyAs you might have already noticed, UK premier Cameron today stated that
encrypted chat tools on either device shall no longer be allowed or they get
banned (in the UK). Okay, the terror act in Paris wasn’t very good either
but using this as a reason to disallow normal people have privacy?

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The cleverer give in – Epic Basketball Fail

oscar-icon-64This is indeed a spectacular fail during a sports event. A basketball player
celebrates his slam dunk in a rather unusual way and wanted to impress
the spectators. The basketball hoop however thought itself: “I must teach
this guy a lesson on how not to treat me!” – The result: Pain and damage!

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The trouble within…

AMD7990Fire…or when a 7970 Radeon HD burns up for unknown reason! Today I got
my second 7970 back from warranty repair. With Crossfire in mind, I
returned home to put in the puppy into my rig. Ran some benchmarks
here and some quick SimCity gaming there when it suddenly happened…

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Mailmen and their frustration…

Home owners in Russia, watch this and be advised: A missing mailbox can
cause you lots of trouble paying glaziers for repairing your door and your
insurance company wouldn’t be too happy either. However this mailman
couldn’t deliver the mail. So a new mailbox has been created instantly.

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Things not to do with an iPhone

Well… when you hear “Treat your iPhone like a raw egg”, what would you do?
Right: Bumper, cover, soft cloth, careful usage and all the stuff so that this
hitech gadget won’t suffer any harm. In this case, a guy took the figure of
speech the wrong way. And what do you do with raw eggs?

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November 26, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Garbage service worker in rage

YES! This man must have had a crappy week’s start. All looks normal at first
but things start to turn when he smashes the trash can (for obviously no
recognizable reason) and then also continues his wrath-driven actions on the
on the home-owner’s mailbox. Needs for sure some power to break the pole.

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Things you’d better not do with a copier!

This guy thought: “Hey let’s do some copier prank” and promptly completed his task.
However he didn’t calculate several things in and so, his prank went into a big disaster.
First, he didn’t think of the load weight the copy glass might carry and second, he
underestimated his own weight. The result: One broken copier and glass in his ass!

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January 10, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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My Toshiba Satellite 5200…

Believe it or not: Usually, Noteboos are supposed to be outlived by their data storages (HDD).
In my case the good old notebook (now 8 years old!) has outlived the second HDD!
Now installed WinXP new from scratch and typing this blog entry by now.
Sad but true that the f***ed HDD was a Samsung HDD which are usually known as being very

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