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When a robber meets a bully shop owner…

oscar-icon-64If the numbers wouldn’t tell that it is a real surveillance video, one could
think of a Bud Spencer movie. A robber and his friend are stopping outside
a little convenience store in Brasil to rob it. But the robber didn’t seem
to be very successful at the end. The video is really self-explaining.

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Afraid of spiders? Better not watch this!

Well… I have seen lots in my life so far but a sky full of tangling spiders…
well, I must admit that I will consider not living at one of these spots ever.
I usually have no arachnophobia but I don’t need one of these running free
in my home also. They usually meet a book or a glass for carryout.

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Spain has won the EM 2012

So Spain has finally won the EM 2012 and devastated Italia’s hope to do
likewise. The Italians have been humiliated with a 4:0 and a 90 minutes
bullfight. After that time the only conclusion was: Italia didn’t have the
breeze of a chance. The team from spain was just too strong.

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Touchdo… wiggle – wiggle… CRACK!

Now THIS is something you don’t see often: It seems as if an initially
successful heli landing has turned into a real nightmare for the pilots. When
the wheeliebird touched ground, the unbalance of the slowing-down blades
suddenly began to shake the whole helicopter until it fell apart like lego…

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