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Things not to do with an iPhone

Well… when you hear “Treat your iPhone like a raw egg”, what would you do?
Right: Bumper, cover, soft cloth, careful usage and all the stuff so that this
hitech gadget won’t suffer any harm. In this case, a guy took the figure of
speech the wrong way. And what do you do with raw eggs?

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November 26, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Amazing nature: Bees vs Hornets

I really like nature videos. One fact is that it’s amazing how nature itself is
dealing with unexprected changes and the other is how tiny little critters
are fightimg a bigh behemoth. In this video you’ll see how japanese bees
are finishing off a big hornet. 30 Hornets can kill 30’000 bees in 3 hours!

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