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CES 2013 – The new trends from Samsung

While the CES is open for exhibition on January,8 to January,11 this year
manufacturers from all countries from the entertainment industry are
presenting their newest gadgets to the public. Samsung starts first and shows
it’s newest TV set. Looking like a painting easel, it seems to float in the room.

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Special Alarm clocks

Alarm clocks come in a variety of flavors. Some are the old classical bellers,
others have a very annoying beep, again others need to be tossed around to
snooze down and again some use light to wake you up. All these clocks have
one thing in common. They are subject to fail on certain persons.

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LG shows 4mm-thin 55″ OLED TV on CES

It seems as if LG wants to bring new excitement into homecineasts’ homes
At least the newest addition of LG will let the hearts of many of us beat faster:
With a diamenter of 55 inches, a thicknes of only 4mm and a weight of about
15lbs (7.5 kg) the TV sets new records.

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In the Münster of Freiburg

Today I was in the Münster of Freiburg As you can imagine, Münster churches are bigger
than regional churches. And when you know of the size of the Cologne Dom or the Ulmer
Münster, you will probably know of their size also. Is the Frauenkirche in Munich also very
big, the Münster of Freibug is a lot larger. As cameras aren’t liked inside, I used my iPhone…

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Fascinating volcanoes…

Today I stumbled over an article in 20 Minutes, showing a volcano on Hawaii.
Being very active the rather flat landside allows a spectacular view. As far as
the article states, there’s no danger for the local citizen. Also airplanes (if they
fly over this area) are not endangered as there’s no almost no ash cloud present…

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World of computers and modding…

…and their curiosities!
Today while reading my news sites about what’s new in the computer scene, I stumbled
over some rather strange pictures. The made me think only this: What the F…-prompt!
If you think, CPU cooling is going to reduce in Size as the chip structure is being reduced,

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