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Heartbleed – Or when the IT goes crazy

heartbleedSince the leak got public, every IT service provider is going crazy about
the heartbleed bug that is active with OpenSSL 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f. But what
exactly makes the heartbleed bug so dangerous? This website has com-
prehensive information available for those running OpenSSL.

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The issue with botnets…

virus-iconWhen it comes to hacking, I’ll get alerted. As you probably have noticed,
logins via the standard login page are disabled for now and protected by a
new gateway. Therefore even trusted contributors are not able to login at the
moment. Please excuse this circumstance.

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June 11, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Bomb terror in Boston

It seems as if the USA aren’t allowed to come to rest. Today, two bombs
have interrupted the Marathon currently ongoing. The explosions had
so much power to cause about 150 injuries and three dead among which
there was also an eight-year old. An act of revenge?

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Wikileaks faces DDoS for Trapwire leak

It seems as if Wikileaks got many enemies on the internet. The most recent
attempt to unveil Trapwire (a surveillance network in the USA) brought a mass
of attack attempts to the Wikileaks homepage. A anonymous group called
“Antileaks” already took responsibility for this hack attempt which may be…

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Steam being hacked?

Seems as if Hacking and theft of sensitivedata is getting more and more an issue these days.
This time Valve got hacked and according to Valve, a possible access to the customers
credit card data also got possible. At current, Access to the steam network is not possible.
However Steam suggests that you check your credit card account balance regularly.

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10 years ago, the USA at war…

Today, it is 10 years since the attack on the twin towers in New York and the
Pentagon. It was the most horrible situation, the USA had to face. The attack
cost 2977 people their lives. When the planes crashed into the
towers, no one before would have expected anything like that!

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