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EA and the hotline…

So there we have it. The new SimCity didn’t have a lucky start. Time for EA to act
and give all loyal buyers a free game for the initial problems, SimCity was prone
to. Okay, the mail from EA tells it is very easy to claim the free game. Just log in
to origin, launch the “Featured tab” and grab the desired free game.

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March 25, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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Some idiots never learn…

There are things in life one should remember: Even if someone is “lifeless”
it is no free ticket for teasing him or even annoying him to death. In this
case, a tourist has teased a street performer who made the “still statue”
act. The street performer just waited for the right moment…

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March 17, 2013Netspark No Comments »
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A day with Deutsche Bahn…

…or: An instruction how to learn to hate the service of Deutsche Bahn. It all
began with a planned trip to Munich from Bern. No problem. Just take the
14:02 train from Bern to Zurich HB and then switch trains to Munich Central
station. 5h42m travel time and less hassle with train switching… WRONG!

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May 4, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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Why Website printouts are useful

Ever wondered why people print out websites? No? Even I had doubts but ever more I can
understand people who print out certain websites as in today’s times it gets more and more
difficult to find specific content. Best example which led me into frustration: I was searching for
a walkthrough guide on Kid Icarus 3D Classics on the 3DS. No problem, you say? JFGI?

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February 25, 2012Netspark No Comments »
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The iPhone 4S seems buggy again!

The iPhone 4S hit’s the negative news again… Long waiting times, short battery
life… and now, annoying ticks and pops during some calls seem to add to the list
of bugs of Apple’s newest coup. It seems as if Apple has to deal with some real
nasty issues concerning design and technics of the iPhone 4S.

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November 25, 2011Netspark No Comments »
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Happy 30th, fella!

Today a good friend of mine celebrates his 30th birthday and I am also invited.
Better start to get my luggage packed and prepare to get to Munich asap!
Stay tuned when I update this entry about how the party was!
*** Update on June, 8th, 2011 ***

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May 5, 2011Netspark 1 Comment »
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