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Stuttgart 21: Another big construction fail?

It has been one of the most criticized traffic optimization projects: Stutgart
21, formerly known as the new central station allowing train pass through
instead of a terminus. Now it seems as if the projected costs of 4.5 billion €
cannot be stuck to and are recalculated to up to 6.8 billion €.

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Return to Bern, Super Bowl…

So the weekend is almost gone again! Really sad to see three days to pass by so quickly.
It makes me feel kinda sad to leave my friends in Munich again and go back to the usual
workload week in Bern. But hey, no work, no effort, no money, honey! So best to put all
my energy into the next work week and do the best to visit my friends in Munich again.

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The golden October…

Yesterday I decided again to visit the Gurten, a local mountain of Bern. Very
quickly to reach thanks to the excellent public mass transit system and even
the train up to the Gurten is covered by my subscription ticket. Finally the
weather also meant well with around 20 degrees. Time to hike then!

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