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Downed railway gates have a reason!

videoSome people think, a railway gate that is down, still invites for trespassing.
Tough luck when the nearing train is so near that you get hit by it. But the
real tough luck is, when a second train is arriving. In this hit’n’run, a
woman tried to outrun the police for unknown reason.

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Never do a Hit’n’Run in Brasil

videoOtherwise you might find yourself also confronted with a gun. This hap-
pened in Brasil where a younster with a (fake?) gun forced a biker to
dismount his vehicle. The driver’s helmet camera took the whole thing.
Some racing, the hit’n’Run and the car driver who “helped” the driver.

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Biggest lucky busdriver ever!

CCTV often captures strange  moments in everyday life. This video has
captured a near-death accident not caused by the busdriver but by other
drivers. The scenes you see show how lucky the busdriver was. Thanks to
his quick reaction, he was able to hop off devil’s shovel!

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Why Mooses are very useful…

Mooses have been set in conjunction with track-instabile cars, like the first mercedes
A-class that couldn’t pass the Elk-test (a special road test with sharp curves). Mooses
are also put in the position of wrecking cars, especially when you collide with them.
In this case, the moose tried to test it’s Mechanic Skills –  and was successful.

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Biking in Bristol is dangerous!

You may wonder why I say this but on my favourite newsportal I found a really
shocking video that shows, how rude a busdriver can be. So better think twice
if you stall a buss behind you. You might end up like the guy in the video shown.
The bus chauffeur of course lost his job when his boss saw the video.

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What an idiot…

Driving can be difficult and yes, policemen can be annoying too if they pick you out for
no obvious reason. But totaling your car and possibly endangering other’s lives isn’t an
option then! The driver of the car in the following video didn’t care about anything and
drove along a road and into the traffic jam without any respect and totaled his car.

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A real expensive car trashing in Japan

Yikes! When you think of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche & Co., you also think of  $$$!
And lots of them! On December 4th, 13 cars were part of an accident due to massively
speeding! Instead of driving with 80 km/h, the drivers decided to raise their speed to
estimated 150 km/h. And even the wet and slippery street did not stop them to do so!

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What you should avoid when drunk!

Things you shouldn’t do when you’re drunk are for example: Driving! DUI is a
crime in most countries of the earth. This Camaro driver however still chose
to drive home fully loaded. Bad luck that he too the wrong “target” to stop his
car. The hit target was nothing less than a pilice bus doing DUI checks!

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Is this, what our society will soon be?

This really shocking video comes  from Foshan, China. In midst of a shopping strip, a
two years old girl is walking on the street. The driver of a small van however did not
see the girl or ignored her for whatever reason. He probably heard a damped thump
and stopped. But then he drove off leaving the severely hurt girl to her fate!

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Drunken ship crew hit nuclear submarine

Maybe funny, maybe not. But this one just came into my mailbox sent by one of my
best friends. (Thanks Christopher for this one!). It seems as the crew of a fishing ship
was so drunken that they didn’t notice the submarine being at surface firing
signal rockets. The reason why the ship has hit the submarine without slowing…

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Bad luck and a fatal design error…

There are many strange goodies for us in stores. Some are rather useless, others are
just bizarre, another ones are ridiculous and again some are dangerous. The story
today shows that even common goodies in the household can become a dangerous
item. In this case a 38-years-old british man with two children died of such one.

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Google’s self-driving car involved in accident

What still sounds as science-fiction story, is already reality! Google has a car equipped
with GPS steering and video cameras as well as with distance sensors. This study car
has driven 225’000 kilometers without a crash on the Google campus that is also
connected to the public traffic. 3 days ago, it happened… the car crashed into another!

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