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iPhone 5 now to be preordered…

Today, the german cell network carrier Telekom has announced that they offer
their loyal customers a preorder ticket to get their hands on the new awaited
iPhone 5. All signs point to October 2011 where the new smartphone shall hit
the stores. You can forecast one thing for sure: It will be sold out for months!

Little is known about Apple’s new smartphone. For sure is, that it will come with iOS 5.

The rest of the specs is all speculation and not confirmed:

  • Approx. 3.7 inch display (still more than 300 dpi display resolution)
  • Display shall seamlessy reach to the housing frame (left and right)
  • Backside of threatened metal (instead of gorilla glass as on the iPhone 4)
  • Bigger Homebutton or no physical Homebutton at all
  • Up to 64GB of storage (yet no enhancement slot available!)
  • Cortex A6 ARM CPU with 2×1.2 GHz (however thermal problems have been reported!)
  • 12MP camera (I still wonder if such a small lens may produce good pics as the iPhone 4 already has problems in darker environments with 5MP!)
  • World phone: GSM and CDMA networks! (No more thinking about which version of the phone to buy…)
  • True Full-HD support (the processor should be able to handle it. Will the lens deliver this quality as well?)
  • LTE is NOT supported (maybe a later iPhone 5S…)
  • NFC is NOT supported (altough otherwise stated!)

These are also nice imagination pictures of the iPhone 5:

So what will the “final” iPhone 5 really look like?

Nobody knows… we’ll see!

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