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How a Tesla “sees” the world…

If you ever wondered how a Tesla is able to maneuver
you through the roads with no problem detecting
obstacles, persons and free spots to drive on, you
might want to give this video a try. Simply astounding!

20 years ago self-driving cars were even far future dreaming. In 2016 Tesla presented the first autonomous driving car. Assisted by a few cameras that car was able to do the driving for you (although your attention is still necessary when there are sudden events that could break the logic of the car).

2018 the Tesla is by far the most advanced autonomous driving car currently available on the market. As tiny computers have the calculation capacity to do even the most complex calculations such as analyzing 3D environments, it’s obvious that people want to make usage of this technology for their comfort and advantage.

But how does a car like the Tesla see the environment you’re in and determine it’s driving behaviour?

This video might deliver some answers to your questions:

As you can see, the autopilot is determining the scenery first, the possible fre driving spots, then checking for fixed obstacles (blue squares) and for persons (green squares) that are moving. All this together is being monitored and calculated in real time to allow the autopilot to do it’s decisions whether to brake or not.


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