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Has Apple gone berzerk?

I’ve read good news about Apple, I’ve read bad news about Apple, I often
agree with Apple when they sue copycats, I hate it when they try to save
their monopoly on tablets by sueing Samsung using patents that are tri-
vial. But today is the day where Apple has finally lost my respect!

As they state in Patent 263 that they own legit rights to a real-time programming interface they also say that they own hereby Android as it makes intens use of the mentionned patent and software part.

Why did that happen, you ask?

Well, a programmer, namely Andy Rubin, who worked at Apple, has worked on Android since 2003. A reason for Apple now to claim Rights on Andriod und thus licence fees from everyone who uses Android.

Not that the sale prohibit of the galaxy Tab from Samsung in the whole EU brought up enough wrath in many users who wanted to have an alternative to Apple’s iPad, Apple now seems to loose lots of sympathy to many people. Even I have my doubts that Apple will succeed with this kind of agressive marketing that merely consists of lawsuits and forced sales prohibitions to other manufacturers.

Apple is going to loose more and more customers who now see one more reason to let the bitten Apple fall to the ground and the once so renowned and respected company that brought up very good products (yes I think, the iPhone 4 is still a very good smartphone) will for sure loose more aand more market shares to the competitors. Prohibition is no market competition. It smells as if Apple is shi***ng theur pants as Samsung & Co. brought up new tablet PCs that are better in Performance than Apple’s iPad 2…

Apple, quo vadis?

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