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iPhone Xs scoring 105 points at DXO

Now it’s official: The iPhone Xs (Max) has a similar
performing camera as the Huawei P20 Pro tri-camera
phone. This means that Apple is capable of getting
very good images out of the classic 2-camera setup.

So in Conclusion the camera of the iPhone Xs (Max) scores 110 points at the still image section and 96 points at the video section which comes to the final score of 105 points.

This is what DXOMark has said in a summary (read the full test here):

Pros (Photo)

  • Very good target exposure and dynamic range in bright light and indoor conditions
  • Good detail in all conditions
  • Vivid and pleasant colors in most situations
  • Fast and accurate autofocus
  • Very good subject isolation and pleasant spotlight effect in bokeh mode

Cons (Photo)

  • Flash images often underexposed
  • Luminance noise is noticeable in lower light and the shadow areas of high-contrast scenes
  • Coarse luminance noise and a lack of detail are noticeable in zoom shots

Pros (Video)

  • Very wide dynamic range
  • Very good image stabilization
  • Fast and repeatable autofocus
  • Good image detail, especially when shooting outdoors

Cons (Video)

  • Sometimes unstable white balance when shooting under indoor lighting
  • Luminance noise in lower light

The competitor, Huawei P20 Pro scores 114 / 98 which results in a 109 total score.

So all in all, the iPhone Xs series is performing extremely well and earned it’s second place fair and square! Yet there’s no rush for iPhone X owners to update their phones. They still produce awesome picture quality and in some situations the images are a tad more natural than of the Xs but that’s a personal opinion. The overall image quality still makes me say “Wow!”

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