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Teens rushed their dog at a cat

There are some things that really make me angry.
For instance these thugs chasing a poor cat from
under a car and then let their vicious dog chase
that poor furry fella. Rest in peace little friend!

As it appears, the youngsters have already been identified and receiving a lot of hate mails and death wishes for having their dog chasing that cat to death. The youngsters intentionally put that cat’s life at stake knowing that their dog would hunt it down.

The condescending presentation of the “trophy” afterwards and then throwing it like garbage over the fence is making this even worse. They can only hope that no cat-friend is crossing their way as they might face even physical pain later on.

Too late for the little furry fellow though. May his soul rest in peace. He has no longer to suffer from cruel human garbage like these thugs anymore who think killing a harmless animal is fun.

The police of Merthyr Tydfil has sentenced the youngsters to high fines for their action yet they’re bombarded with many, many mails that aren’t friendly anymore and some wishing their death as well.

The surveillance video is below but viewers discretion is strongly advised!

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