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Halogen bulbs facing their end!

In the EU Halogen bulbs of the Efficiency
class D and worse will be banned from
production and sale from September 1st
this year. With this, the classic bulb that…

spreads warm light will be entirely gone. In 2012 lightbulbs using a Wolfram filament have already been banned from the EU. Yet there were sales from Asia selling them has “hand-warming oven”. Now Halogen lightbulbs will face the same fate. Everything is directing to energy-saving lightbulbs where they are represented by either flourescent energy saving bulbs or the now upcoming LED lamps which are even less power-consuming than flourescent energy saving bulbs.

But were ESFL already frowned upon for their rather cool and slowly-brightening light, LED lamps also have the problem of spreading cool light. Only with tricks, they can produce a more warm light. Where ESFL have the problem that they may contain mercury, the LED lamps do not have any poisonous or dangerous materials in them.

LED lamps also have the advantage. that they can be dimmed (but you have to look for the “Dimmable” sign!)

So another step into the right direction when it comes to energy saving and thus taking care for our climate?

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