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The nature and their secrets…

Today I stumbled over a really frightening article on my favourite news portal.
You all know wasps. Tiny yellow-black, really annoying buzzers whose stings can be
real painful. They bother you when you’re eating, they bother you even when you’re
just sunbathing. So what am I talking about now? Anything bigger? A hornet? Nope!!!

On the indonesian Island Sulawesi, a new giant wasp has been discovered. The male adults are 6 cm (yup, you’ve read right!) long and have giant claws!

To get an idea what it looks like, three images:


Impressive and horrible also, huh? You don’t want to get stung by one of these suckers for sure… at least I wouldn’t want to face one of these!


The pictures are curtesy of their respective owners!

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  • Rosiv says:

    W- T – F ² !?!?!?!?!?

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