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SDUC approved by SD Association!

If you thought, SD memory cards have already
reached their technical maximum specification,
think again. Today the SD Association has
announced the next level SD card generation!

And we’re not just speaking of a capacity enhancement (current SDXC cards can cover capacities up to 1TB (SDXC) or 512GB (micro SDXC). Also the speeds have been lifted to a new record.

SDUC cards are planned to deliver up to 980 MB/s Write/Read speeds over it’s bus. However this will need the usage of a second contact row placed below the usual contacts. This way, the cards may also be down-compatible to the older cardslots however they’re then limited to the given bus speeds of older standards.

So although the new cards are way faster, they make new devices necessary which also have a slot that has the additional contact row inside. Otherwise the devices cannot make use of the enormous speed boost.

Speaking of capacities, the new cards are supposed to hold up to 128TB of data. Although cards are available nowadays at up to 1TB size, it’ll take a lot of time until so much data can be fitted onto such a small card.

Interesting how the different standards have developed in the past. But with 17 years age, the normal SD card format and the microSD card format are the only successors here. MiniSD couldn’t get much acceptance in the past and largest cards were limited to 16GB.

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