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wordpress1Sorry folks for the long no-update period. My schedule at work is,
simply said, extremely overloaded and thus updates to my blog are
seeded a bit rare. So today, this is just a small word from me as I am
collecting information for 2015 and what to post about.

Most updates are made under the hood and thus most likely may not be visible to you. But believe me, this blog isn’t dead as always speculated about. It’s just that there was nothing much worthfully to report about until the new year, so here we are in 2015 and a new challenging year.

What’s on this year anyways?

Windows 7 basic support ends Jan, 15, 2015 (extended support goes until Jan 15th, 2020). But oly for those who have SP1 installed.

Intel will expand their product palette on the new Core i-Series (5th Gen). Also DDR4 will become more important than ever.

Nintendo will shortly bring out their “New 3DS” – Tempting but necessary? Maybe…

Sony and Microsoft still rely on their current consoles as they’re not up to something new yet

TV and computer monitors now are enrolling 4K in massive waves at fair prices. By time the new resolution can be used.

BD-XL may become an important role player for 4K – new disc formats are currently not planned

Video streaming in 4K becomes more and more important. Thanks to high speed networks and WLAN, this may also be done hassle-free.

Dolby Digital has released a new sound scheme, Dolby Digital Atmos, So what’s DTS planning as their response?

While 5.1 surround sound still is sufficient for most of us, 7.1 or even 9.1 will become new standard for multi-channel surround.

HDMI 2.0 is already done but still most devices lack support of it.

USB3.1 is already standardized but you won’t see devices with it so soon.

USB3.0 C will be integrated with the new Apple MacBook Air 2015 models. They look sleek and yummy! I still wonder when it’ll become available to PC users also.

10GbE networks are becoming less expensive by time. The new home standard?

WLAN will stand ground on ac networks so far, although, the ah standard will support faster WLAN speeds with less range (and a 60GHz frequency band)

LTE is the de-facto standard for mobile devices and won’t change so quickly. LTE Cat.6 (300 150 Mbit/s) may be the only extensin so far and for now, only asian countries seem to have/support it. In Europe you’ll have to make friends with Cat.4 LTE which is still blazing fast (150/40 Mbit/s).

SSDs may become more and more important to standard computers while the magnetic discs may have their debute in NAS systems for home and SOHO.

Max capacity for HDD: 8TB, for SSD: 2TB – Prices for HDD: 350 US$, for SSD: 800 US$

Mobile batteries allow for quick charge more and more: gain 80% capacity within a 45 minutes charge cycle. Emergency batteries are less big at higher capacities: Have 15 Ah at the size of a cigarette box in your pocket to charge up your iPhone 6 Plus 4 times!

So there’s lots of stuff around this year.

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