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A real flat phablet

VIVOlogoAs if the bentgate affair of Apple iPhone 6 (Plus) wasn’t already a shock for
the entire mobile phone business, Vivo tries to claim new records with their
recently announced Vivo 5S. Although no Vivo phone has hit the EMEA
market so far (and probably never will), the specs are just crazy.

With a thin body of only 3.94 millimetres, the Vivo 5S is another 3 millimetres thinner than the iPhone 6!

Still, Vivo intends to place a QHD display with 6 inces diameter and a Snapdragon 805 with 2.7 GHz CPU clock, supported from an actual Adreno 420 GPU.

The battery shall hold 3500 mAh, which would be more than 500 mAh advanced to the iPhone 6 Plus battery. I wonder how they will squeeze in all this into that small housing. Even a 8MP front camera and a 13MP back camera shall still find their place inside this rather flat body.

Although this sounds real interesting, I really doubt, it’ll come true. And besides that. A 6 inch phablet this flat? Come on, be serious. It would bend like a carton board if placed in your trousers’ back pocket…

This is the picture:


According to the haptics I doubt that it would be too charming in your hands when seeing this rather sharp edges.

But if it should really come true, tests should be made if this phone can compete with the actual elite of smartphones (LG G3, iPhone 6 and Samsung S5). Until then it’s a good start for carnival (November 11th…)

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