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Toshiba’s MicroSDXC goes UHS-3

ToshUHS3mSDXCIcoAnd Toshiba shifts up the gear! It seems that speed is crucial even with
the smallest memory products. According to size and capacity, the
microSDXC memory chip still beats them all as SanDisk has recently
released it’s 128GB microSDXC card. So what’s new?

ToshUHS3mSDXCIf you hope to benefit from ultra high speed of the memory card, then you’ll find yourself a bit disappointed to see the new card equipped with some additional contacts. There’s not yet much known about the new memory cards but the enormous speed increase over today’s products don’t come out of nowhere. The fastest mcroSDXC cards to date are SanDisk’s UHS1 microSDXC Ultra cards with up to 64GB of storage and capable of a throughput of 60MB/s read and still blazing-fast 35-40 MB/s write speed. However with small files, the speed significantly drops below 2 MB/s as memory cards aren’t made for small files anyways. The next issue is that most mobile devices aren’t even able to cope with these rather low speeds compared to Toshiba’s new card. So until we see any devices that can handle much higher read/write speeds at their memory storage interface AND are mecanically compatible with the additional contacts (which ARE mandatory to allow read speeds of 260 MB/s and Write speeds of up to 240 MB/s). Toshiba has already announced the part numbers for their new microSDXC cards but did not yet give out a release date. So you can only be patient to have manufacturers upgrade their new devices to be compatible with microSDXC UHS3 cards. And then it’s a matter of time until other memory card manufacturers are updating their product catalog and enlist UHS3 cards as well. Interesting to see that microSDXC is now announced while the project “SDCard UHS3” is not yet announced. There was an early concept however showing also SDXC cards with additional contacts but they where added for bigger capacities and not speed. As time goes by, we’re now hitting the 256GB mark with conventional SDCard contacts and blazing fast read/write performance beyond the 40 MB/s mark which means that these small toenails can even record FullHD with full 60p support and (give you that) 4K at 30p. Not bad if youlook back several years where CompactFlash cards seem to be THE choice for video recording.

This chart gives you a small overview of what Toshiba is going to release soon:


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