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USA, NSA and the Spying (Part 2)

NSASpyHere we go again, and it looks bad for Germany to process an Anti-Spy-Act
with the USA. Susan Rice has officially stated that the USA are NOT willing
to give a non-spying warranty in the future and thus create a precedence
case for other countries to demand such from the USA.

American officials have refused to extend the “no spying” guarantee to others than Merkel, telling German officials in private sessions that if the White House agreed to suspend surveillance on german territory, other partners would insist on the same treatment. Truly stated. Some things are a bitter pill to swallow. You can’t have one grant rights and others not. proven fact. But somewhere the USA have to start if they want to regain trustworthyness. The NSA scandal has cost the USA lots of reputation! – Worldwide!

The director of the NSA, namely Keith B. Alexander, said in an interview after the monitoring scandal of Merkel was revealed, that the USA will soon have to choose between spying on partners and making them full participants in fighting digital threats and dangers. Merkel also responded to the disclosures: Among the ministers she named to her new coalition government on Sunday was a former intelligence official.

According to officials familiar with the advisory group’s report to Obama, it concluded that the President and his officers must regularly review the NSA’s surveillance programs to determine if the intelligence gathered is worth the damage that would be done should a monitoring program become revealed. This process is undergone at CIA on an annual turn basis. Officials also said, elements of that recommendation were already being integrated ahead of Obama’s earlier announcement, expected in January 2014, about the NSA overhaul plans to process.

We’ll see if he keeps his word. But one thing is for sure. The result won’t be too satisfying for Merkel as this distant position from the USA only mean one thing: “We won’t spy on you but we’ll spy on your team, that’s for sure!”

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