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The USA and NSA – A parody

gif_64x64_d6a471The recent spying actions and scandals of the USA and NSA are drawing
their circles. Not only are several countries sort of pissed off being spied
on, no it is also the fact that Barack Obama is still defending the attitude
that it is perfectly okay to “monitor” allies’ operations and actions.

So when already heads of states are being spied on, what excuse does the USA bring up spying on every other toon of us. What is the proper use of collecting so much data about individuals all over the world? Imagine this: Even a compressed video at only 320×240 with 64KBit/s MP3 audio uses up to 4 MB per minute. Upon this basis (and I suppose that the NSA is gathering much more and high-resoluted material, the data amount is increasing almost exponentially.

XLQIsnHAlthough the NSA appeases that most of the information collected is not stored for long time, I still scrutinize the necessity of spying the wole world then. Why waste so much money in total surveillance under the protecting blanket of terrorism crackdown. I wonder if the saved money from less surveillance worldwide would serve the USA better.

Now the situation is a bit “miffed” when you look at the lines, the head of states are exchanging among each other. But mostly the tenor is unisono: Hey Obama, stop spying on us, we’re Allies!

However the way of parody has also been already stepped on. As you can see, the Pixar Logo has received an “update”. While the situation is already out of control according to the number of installed CCTV cameras in the USA and UK, other countries still have the power to stop the crazyness of total control and monitoring. We’re not yet keen on “Big Brother”, and some of us most likely will never be!

Nowever we can try to evade the total control fanatism, we will often be caught and dragged back. Have a look at all the Cloud services. Where are they all hosted? Right! In the USA. Apple as the most powerful gadget seller is located where? Again, right! In the USA! The hunger for data about all of us even surrounds us in everyday’s life. Have a look at the airports: When you want to fly, you’ll have to undergo a total control using scanners, computers and all the stuff.

More and more countries have biometrical passports with RFID chip inside. ZIP, slide and *suck* and not only your home country has your data, the USA has it in the same breath!

When you make a phone call, your call is most likely to be “audited” and if certain keywords are “heard” then the focus gets on you.

You should be careful what you write on social media sites like Facebook. An australian traveler has been held up at the U.S. borders when he arrived at Los Angeles. Reason was a “concerning” post in Facebook which was misunderstood by the NSA. The foreigner however has just been returned into the next airplane home. I guess, this was the worst holidays he and his girlfriend was experiencing. Land of the unlimited possibilites. This quote is almost too direct if you look at the possibility to get imprisoned during machine transfer.

The other troubling issue is that you have to unlock your computer to the US border security officers. Heck, this is MY personal computer and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE has the right to look into my personal stuff when I don’t want to! I wonder if the US citizen would unlock their computers to europe border security officers… but I guess, mostly NOT!

If you refuse to cooperate, the worst thing that can happen is that they destry your gadget as they “fear” that you could have some dramatical stuff on the computer. And for all those wiseguys who then encrypt their drive with encrytion tools… well, the choice is destruction of hardware, imprisonment or hold-up until you give in or a forensic inspection of your hardware.

Believe me, this are some of the things that make me hesitate travelling the USA although it has so much to offer for travellers. There are many trapdoors where you get treated bad as foreigner in the USA. And the fact that you can even get imprisoned without any previously validated reason are other things that make the USA pretty unsympathic.

In other countries (mostly in Europe) there will be always an ordered process before they lock you away in the slammer!

This is also a reason why the USA has been demoted in excellency for respecting the humanity Act. And since you once get a black spot on that vest, it’ll be hard again to get the white vest clean again.

And to conclude this: The spying act isn’t a good dye to clean up black spots on the white vest!

Time to reconsider the currently taken actions, time to give the people a reason again to confide in the once good reuptation the USA had earlier ago when computers haven’t shared one’s personal information all around the world…


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