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Blackberry no longer independent!

bblogoIt seems, that more and more veterans of the cellphone industry are
about to die. Just recently it has become public that Microsoft is taking
over the smartphone division from Nokia. So the time we see
smartphones from Nokia are over. Now Blackberry is going to fall.

As of today, an investor has been found to buy back all published shares from the stock market. Without the pressure of private investors/stakeholders, Blackberry attempts to find their way back to it’s roots after they had to lay off a big number of their employees.

If this is the right way to bring back Blackberry on course after Blackberry OS 10 did not have the impact on new customers as they hoped, will be seen in future.

One thing is for sure: Blackberry and Nokia won’t be the only two big players that have to participate a saleout in order to survive.

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