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The IFA and their new toys

20130902-131909.jpgSo the IFA 2013 has shown new gadget to us.
4K TV, new HiFi components, Home entertainment…
But until we can benefit from all the new goodies,
some more days will have to pass by.

Let alone the 4K TV that are announced for sale. Now one may grasp and say: For sale? Where? Where? I gotta get me one of the new TV sets. But hold back now. Most of these TV cost 10’000 US$ and up. Especially the larger ones sized at 85 inches. And then there’s another issue yet to be solved: There’s almost no TV material serving the incredible QFHD resoultion (3840×2160). So why would one fork out the money for a small class car in order to buy a TV set which cannot be served with the right picture material? Unless there’s no source to feed these big screens properly with, I still stick to my 60″ TV which does it’s job very well. Couldn’t see any benefit from the 4K resolution yet. Except for my Computer tied to the screen and enjoying games at this large resolution. However HDMI may not be capable of QFHD at 60Hz and DisplayPort… umm… unless my two GeForce 780 do posses a DisplayPort 1.2 (and so has my TV set have to), I don’t see any chance to play games at this enormous resolution though it would be eyecandy for sure.

Okay, so waht’s new in other areas? For those who have seen my posts about the Cebit, they have already read about the Fritzbox 7490. Gigabit WLAN, and Gigabit ethernet united in one dandy box. The gadget is available now at an MSRP of 289 EUR. Pretty much money but probably woth it as AVM products (especially the FritzBox) are legendary for their ease of use and reliability.

The HiFf area didn’t bring up much new things so far. The existing technics improved a little further, garnished with the home network integration much more. The most advancing area might be the webstreaming content.

So what’s astounding on the IFA then? I bet, you all wonder what’s it all about for the 9’000 EUR expensive curve OLED, LG has recently published…

I guess, pictures say more then thousand words (pictures are copyright of


I like the slim style…


…clearly followed by a sharp shape…

LG Curve OLED TV.jpg

…and garnished with a slim body (5mm isn’t much)…


…but 9’000 EUR is a tad too much for 55″

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