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When 30US$ meat cost you 50 years jail…

Some people tend to collide with the U.S. government
in a harsh way. This guy for instance got a real hard penalty
as he has stolen prime ribs valued for 30 (thirty!) US$. Now
you may ask what lets the U.S. government judge so hard
for meat at this compared low value…

It’s not the theft alone that made the jury speak the man 50 years in jail. It was the way how he did the theft… So he endangered the shop assistant upon the question what he’s hiding under the shirt. After the meat falling out then, the man just let the shop assistant to know that he’s armed and ready to injure. The shop assistant kept cool but let the man know that he just signed his ticket for jail as the endangering attempt is a serious felony and punished hard, especially in Texas, where the death sentence is still active.

So the jury took out his crime file and saw that the man had much more felonies before on his file. Reason enough to sentence him for 50 years in jail now. And all this just for meat valued 30 US$…

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