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Traffic control and guidance in Australia

movie-iconWhen big LED signs with “Stop” on it aren’t enough, then you have to
take a step further to warn drivers when they’re acting wrong and are
subject to cause damage to buildings and infrastructure. Australia
found a new yet spectacular way to do so.

A technique, already known from lightshows and night clubs that want to show sujet motives big time to the dancing crowd is now used at tunnel entrances in Sydney. Within 3 seconds, the water cascade can be turned on with the big STOP sign beamed onto the water pearls. A simple yet efficient way to inform drivers that they’re in danger or behaving wrong. As the sign is clearly at height of the driver’s eye line, the driver can’t miss it under any circumstances. As sensors are measuring the vehicle’s height before entering the tunnel, the STOP sign can be efficiently turned on and warn the driver in time that something’s not okay.

For the future, the transport authority expects less damage to the infrastructure and less accidents in traffic by using this new innovative system for traffic control.

How this looks like live, can be seen here:

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