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Issues with updates – Part 2

updateThe update into WordPress 3.5.1 ran without problems so far, however
some bugs were annoying me. One of them was the missing ability to
drag widgets from the widget table to my sidebar. First I suspected the
theme to be the culprit, but no! On other themes it didn’t work either!

I got the signalling hint from googling for this odd behavior and found out that also rogue plugins may cause the trouble. The solving procedure: Disabling all plugins and reactivate them one by one until the error keeps appearing again. Okay, with 65 installed addons and plugins this can be quite a hassle and get annoying but hey. One would not miss the usually cool way of administering the WordPress installation, would he?

Well, after erasing this one bug, another strange error was boggling my mind. WP SuperEdit seems to get upset once deactivated and reactivated. However I didn’t get all my arranged buttons on my toolbar again. Only way to get around with this: Reset WP Super Edit and jitter all the buttons in line again (why I say ‘jitter’, you may ask?). Well The fact that the WP Super Edit configuration panel seems not to have a good collision detection on objects being moved over others make the already inserrted buttons jitter around with no particular order as you move your to-be-inserted button over them. This can be REALLY annoying especially when you want the button to be at a specific position due to logical reasons.

Well… finally I got all the stuff working again and I hope, it’ll stay so until the next MAYOR update… Unless there’s no urging reason why to switch to 3.6, I guess, I’ll skipp that version until all my addons are said compatible with it! *sic*

Have a nice weekend y’all!

Please keep in mind, that all my articles are published on May, 21st as I am not home!

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