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Funny descriptions: Telefonspargel

Today I stumbled upon a new description for public phones. While they were usually
described as “pencil” or “yellow mobile toilet” and some other descriptions, the Deutsche
Telekom began dismounting the well-known phone booths and replace them with rather
windy phone pillars that allow everyone within 2 meters to hear what you’re saying…

When reading posts about different topics in my favorite forum, I saw this from a guy who was arguing with some other about the Telekom automatic voice control service:

nein, ich arbeite dort nicht.

ich kenne aber deren sprachcomputer und habe auch von anderen nur gutes über die spracherkennung des system gehört.

(ich melde oft defekte telefonspargel, deshalb kenne ich das spielzeug dort)

Translated, it might be like this:

Nope, I am not working there.

However I know about their voice-controlled service and have heard only good things about the voice-recognition of that service.

I, myself am reporting defective “Telefonspargel” there and know their toy.

Now you ask, what the heck IS a “Telefonspargel”?
Google brought up this picture (Click to enlarge):


A so-called "Telefonspargel"

You must admit… the similarity to a classic asparagus is really given:

Spargel (Asparagus)

A typical white Asparagus

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