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There we go go go…

updateAnd the crowd is cheering as the new WordPress version comes online
without great hiccups. Some plugin here, some addon there that didn’t
run as intended, but soon the average posting business will set up again,
still takes some time to adapt to the new system… *sic*

It’s with many things in life. As soon there are new things, you’re faced to learn something new. The WordPress 3.5.1 system is one such. The Media uploader has changed massively. Gotta get used to it anyways. But one thing is for sure. The fire up times until the blog shows, have reduced massively. Seems as if my webspace update also brought some hardware update at AllInkl with it. Way to go as the most annoying thing was that the blog had to “think” several seconds until to show up. Only “optimizing” the database brought partial improvements.

Should you also run into some kinks, feel free to contact me so I can iron them out while I am at it!

Have a good start’s week! Mine doesn’t start well though as I catched a cold and now am heating up as hell :(

Please allow me some time to recover until I fix your reported kinks. Gotta get on my feet first.

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