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The urge and taste for good coffee…

…or: Why for heaven’s sake spend 2’300 CHF on a coffee machine? Well… let’s
start with the story of ugly-tasting coffee and what I’ve tried so far. At work we
have a Schaerer coffee machine that makes good coffee, real good coffee! But
for home use, this machine is a tad too big and too expensive (7’250 CHF).

Then in our office, we have a Nespresso machine which relies on the capsles from Nespresso. The machine is not too pricey (around 250 CHF) if you go with the smaller machines. Okay, but the coffee is rated about 0.50 CHF per espresso. And since this machines don’t have a too big water tank, you can’t opt-in for a normal coffee but only espressos (45ml). Their taste is good, no doubt, but espressos are strong and hefty. So not the optimal start into a morning if you have early shift and are tired. It’s like the Kaffee Onko commercial, where the fist comes out of the coffee mug. (See a parody of the commercial clip below).

So which machine to take for coffee at home. In the past, I had lots of coffee from a Jura machine and they tasted all well. So my Intention was to get one for my home.

Today I finalized this project and the Jura Impressa J9.3 finally found a place :)

Before I forked out the 2’300 simoleons for the machine, the salesrepresentant asked me to take one cup while the machine was forked out of the storage of the shop. Gee, I liked that cup. Not bitter, not ugly, not too strong. Just right.

When I asked the salesman about the coffee, he gave me one package for free.

AS design is also a matter when it comes to modern homes, this machine has no problems dragging the views on it:

Brilliant silver… that’s the matte finish, which looks great…

…although a chrome finish would give it a more classy touch but also attract fingerprints!

So what do you want to drink? ;)

There’s almost nothing this machine can’t do. Even the setup programme (yes, this machine allows full customization!) is HUGE! From coffee strength to size of cup and temperature you can also configure how your latte Macchiato is being made (milk/milk cream ratio). I really like it when I can configure a machine to make me coffee the way I LIKE it to drink!

While writing this article, I am again sipping my next cup of coffee… YUMMY!

So what’s the final conclusion of this quick test? With this machine you know why you have spent 2’300 CHF (2100 USD/2000 €)! And believe me: When you have used this machine over a year, drinking 4 cups per day, then it’ll be cheaper than a Nespresso capsule coffee machine!

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